We create large-scale landscapes down tot the tiniest detail

Notable landscapes for a sustainable world

Our designs spring from the desire to make a fundamental contribution to a beautiful, interesting and sustainable world. We deploy our design skills for unusual, innovative landscapes and cities that make people happy and stimulate a healthier lifestyle. This means a healthy environment that offers cooling during a drought and dry feet during a flood – a nature-inclusive world with space for people, vegetation and animals. Our designs always show great respect for and awareness of the history of the location and the spirit of the landscape, while keeping our sights firmly fixed on the future.

Drentsche Aa Landscape Vision

The river basin of the Drentsche Aa, in the northeast of The Netherlands – considered by many to be one of the most beautiful areas in the country – has escaped the wave of post-war land consolidation to be found in the rest of the country. Even so, the area is slowly fragmenting and clogging up. Our landscape plan demonstrates how the drama of the landscape can be brought to life and how the historical layers can be made more visible.


Twickel, whose history goes back to the fourteenth century, is the largest estate in the Netherlands. In line with Michael van Gessel’s master plan, our practice has drawn up a renovation plan for the Overpark, based on respect for the historical park design and adjustment to the new circumstances.

Eusebiushof Arnhem

The Eusebiushof is an extension of the existing complex for the city council chambers situated on the prestigious Eusebiussingel in Arnhem. The complex includes three internal courtyards on top of an underground car park, each with distinctly different functions but related in form and detail

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