Nature outside your window

In a densely built up urban environment, the proximity of green areas is of vital importance

We work together with architects and urban planners to link buildings and nature and to develop new, attractive residential districts. Proximity of attractive vegetation for everyone: in the street, in the garden and in the public space outdoors. In an ideal residential landscape architecture and landscape are fused. Each separate element is designed as an integral part, from furniture to water management they form a whole. Flowers are allowed to bloom and there is plenty of scope for adventure.

Meerstad Groningen

A new residential landscape is being developed northeast of the city of Groningen for city folk who still want to be surrounded by plenty of space, water and countryside. Our design for the public space is reticent, informal, with the character of a rural village.

Nijverdal aan de Regge

Nijverdal is situated beside a river called “the Regge”. The textile industry, which was once the basis from which Nijverdal grew, has moved to an industrial estate outside the village. This offers opportunities to open up the closed and introverted Ten Cate site, to give it a new function, and thereby to bring about more coherence with the rest of Nijverdal.

Estate Verboom

A new estate is being developed north of Alphen aan den Rijn as part of the ribbon development of the polder landscape. Strootman landschapsarchitecten was invited to design this estate. The new residential environment will combine natural beauty, recreation and the agrarian landscape.

Experience Country life