Office and approach

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Strootman Landschapsarchitecten is an award-winning office for landscape architecture and urban design. The work of Strootman integrates urbanism, cultural history, ecology, art and architecture within a landscape architectural framework. 

This work takes the office from regional plans to garden design, from rural areas to the city, and from research to implementation. A mix of analytical depth and design flair characterizes the work of Strootman; the team works meticulously through the analytical and the conceptual stages, and then artistically develops the design scheme.

The office combines thought with material craftsmanship, and strives for a certain earthy quality, warmth and playfulness. The distinguishing feature of the work is the overarching sense of the natural and the earthy: the user becomes immersed in the spatial, visual and temporal aspects of landscape, true to the genius of the place but without the work losing a distinct design sensibility.