Climate adaption

We see the major design challenges of today as an opportunity to make the Netherlands more beautiful

Adjusting the planning of the Netherlands for the consequences of climate change has a profound impact on the landscape. We take advantage of these transformations to strengthen the existing quality of a landscape and to add new ones to it. We turn the challenges into success by tackling them with partners on a regional level and in combination with other challenges. In this way the sum total becomes more than the separate parts. We discuss with those involved to arrive at acceptable design options with a positive prospect for the landscape and its users.

Green Groningen

Groningen is getting down to making the province green as a strategy to contribute to climate adaptation, biodiversity, more movement and social interaction. Strootman Landschapsarchitecten have drawn up a plan with a strong focus on improving the ecological qualities and boosting greenery in districts where growing healthier as one grows older lags behind the rest of the city.

Climate adaptation for the Wadden Sea coast in the 21st century

The Programme for a Rich Wadden Sea (PRW) invited Strootman Landschapsarchitecten to draw up an adaptation strategy: a strategy for climate adaptation on the Wadden coast that sets priorities, inspires and looks forward towards an attractive, integral, climate-resistant future in the 21st century.

Experience Climate adaption