Green, attractive cities

Urban renewal offers major opportunities for the creation of climate-adaptive cities with areas where people can meet

We believe in a future of intelligent, inclusive, biodiverse cities. Concentration of urbanisation and combination of functions provide a varied range of work and amenities close to home. That is good for our health and saves us a lot of travelling time, energy and landscape. As designers we contribute to that by working together with partners to create attractive environments where people can live, work and meet one another and where children can play. By making the public space greener, letting trees grow and flowers bloom, we contribute to cooling, an attractive environment and in an intelligent way we provide space for rainwater catchment and infiltration.

Hortus Veemarkt Utrecht

Our design for the community garden of the closed block of Veemarkt Utrecht evokates an inner world full of atmosphere. The layout and management of the enclosed garden are attuned to the wishes of the residents.

Plan for the centre of Emmeloord

A compact, congenial, lively centre of their own is what Emmeloord residents want. The contours of the new plan for the city centre have been drawn up step by step in consultation with the residents. Our plan for the centre of Emmeloord is guided by eight design principles.

Experience Urban renewal