A biodiverse and climate-adaptive courtyard

The Leeuwesteyn neighbourhood is being built beside the Amsterdam Rhine Canal. Strootman Landschapsarchitecten are designing a courtyard with a patio for a new apartment block. This collective courtyard has an intimate atmosphere. In addition, there will be a patio garden that invites residents to play, meet one another and relax.


Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht


Gemeente Utrecht


In samenwerking met Faro Architecten, Ooms Bouw & Ontwikkeling, Beumer Garantiemakelaars, Merosch

Design Year




A green wooden ‘snake’ winds its way through and connects all the spatial features. Besides the places for swallows and bats to nest in the Lindehof building, there is an extra food supply for them in the patio: a table laid with plants and trees to attract insects.

A large Greenspire linden tree full of honey will be planted in the enclosed pleasure garden, while a mixture of smaller native and colourful trees will be set in the parking lot. We will plant flowering climbers on the wooden ‘snake’ and all the partitions to attract even more insects. Native sorts found in Utrecht such as the common teasel and the dyer’s rocket will be found in the undergrowth and borders, while the shady walls around the enclosed garden will be covered with such native varieties as hart’s tongue fern and black spleenwort fern.

Precipitation will be collected on the spot and remain available for irrigating the vegetation. The collective areas of the design (the wooden ‘snake’, the green area in the inner courtyard and the pleasure garden) will be green and shady. In combination with green partitions, catchment roofs and window boxes on terraces, they will combat heat stress.

The design by Strootman Landschapsarchitecten is part of a total concept for Lindehof Leeuwesteyn: an apartment block with a character of its own for various target groups, including those on a lower income. Strootman Landschapsarchitecten is working in a team with Ooms Wonen (development and implementation); FARO architecten (integral design, sustainability and sustainable urbanism consultant); Merosch (sustainability, circularity and installations consultant) and Beumer Garantiemakelaars (marketing consultant, positioning and retail).


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