Landscape biography and development vision for the southern part of the Kempense Heuvelrug

Area now ready for the future


Kempense Heuvelrug (BE) tussen Lichtaart en Herentals met de aangrenzende valleien van de Kleine Nete en Aa.


Regionaal landschap Grote en Kleine Nete


Shera van den Wittenboer (landschapsbiografie) en Bailleul Ontwerpbureau (verhalen en sporen in het landschap)

Surface Area

4650 ha

Design Year




The cultural historical, ecological and visual values of the Kempense Heuvelrug are great. To safeguard the values of the area and to do more justice to its special qualities, Strootman Landschapsarchitecten has written a landscape biography with a vision for the landscape and its structure.

The landscape biography with a vision for the landscape and its structure has been made for the southern area between Lichtaart and Herentals with the adjacent valleys of the Kleine Nete and the Aa. It is a further development of the landscape vision and tourism plan for the northern area of the Kempense Heuvelrug between Kasterlee and Lichtaart that we made in 2015. With this vision the area also strengthens its position as a popular place for walking and cycling.

The Kempense Heuvelrug is a beautiful landscape. In the course of thousands of years it has become an impressive area with a large number of natural values. With the years human processes have left many traces in the landscape, such as sunken roads, military complexes, old fields and many touristic and recreational values. The reader follows the biography of the landscape in four periods of history, and the present landscape is explained, particularly in the field of nature, hydrological system, recreation and visibility of the great wealth of cultural historical traces. The biography continues with the landscape vision and the prospect for the future. The landscape vision is based on three principles:

1. Restoring the landscape basis

2. Making the cultural historical wealth something that can be seen and felt

3. Improving recreational attractiveness and accessibility

The possible development of the landscape is elaborated in three focal areas. We indicate how the landscape structure and cultural history can be made more visible in these areas. How do you make it possible to experience the stories and traces in the landscape again? How do you enhance the ecological qualities and what opportunities are there for education about nature as a particular way to experience it? The vision pays full attention to the recreational potential of the area such as the addition of connections that are missing at the moment and routes for walkers and cyclists and boarding places, safe and adventurous slow connections and the play with water.

With the landscape biography and development vision for its southern area, the whole Kempense Heuvelrug is now ready for the future. In writing the landscape biography and landscape vision, Erfgoed Noorderkempen and the Kempense Heuvelrug landscape guides were involved as well as the parties in the area and local experts.

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