Gardens, parks and woods

Places with atmosphere for wandering, meeting people or just dreaming

Strootman Landschapsarchitecten works with the aim of making the Netherlands more beautiful and believes that enjoying nature contributes to a sense of wellbeing. That is why we design gardens, parks and woods that people can enjoy and that are attractive for birds and insects. We deploy our thorough knowledge of the range and of garden design for an interplay between complexity and simplicity, open and closed spaces, visual axes and intimate spots. In short, green refuges for everyone.

A new vision and development plan for Sonsbeek, Zijpendaal and Gulden Bodem

In consultation with the local authority, managers and various interest groups and other interested parties, we have been working on a vision and development plan for three parks in Arnhem: Sonsbeek, Zijpendaal and Gulden Bodem. The objective is to make the parks resistant to the effects of climate change, to organise them sustainably for intensive use, and to contribute to a greater biodiversity.


Op Houten garden

A new building has been placed in the Oude Dorp of Houten with 45 luxury park apartments in a spacious garden. We have designed the garden in close consultation with the (future) residents.

The Balkland Park in Harlingen

We have co-designed with René Kuiken / Urbanism an attractive zone to the south of Harlingen: Het Westerzeedijkgebied. It forms a link between the city and the countryside, with a range of recreational possibilities for residents, entrepreneurs and tourists. The Balkland Park is the first part that is currently being implemented. This former sports ground is being transformed into a beautiful location for young and old. The paths and the first play areas are already in place, and the trees and flowering plants will be planted and sown this autumn. The park is growing!

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