City lungs

Landscape parks are a key to success for healthy cities in interaction with multifunctional outskirts

Landscape parks are the arteries of our cities. These parks enable city dwellers to enjoy nature and landscape in the proximity of their homes. As places for water catchment, water security and biodiversity, landscape parks make an important contribution to a climate-adaptive environment. A strong relation between city and countryside has a lot to offer to all those involved and affects the attractiveness of the city itself as a place to live: nature, water, agriculture and city come together here.

The river as Tidal Park

Strootman Landschapsarchitecten and De Urbanisten have worked in conjunction with regional parties to develop a landscape framework that offers inspiration and reflects the ambition to turn the river into a Tidal Park. The objective is to make the river more natural, enjoyable, accessible and attractive in the urban setting.

The Pauwels Landscape Park

Pauwels Landscape Park is a key to success for a healthy city (Tilburg) in interaction with a multifunctional rural area. In our opinion, landscape parks are essential to our cities. They ensure that residents of the city can enjoy nature close to their living environment. As parks for water storage, water safety and biodiversity, landscape parks contribute to a climate-adaptive environment.
At Landscape Park Pauwels we consider ourselves as mediators who create a direct link between the city and the countryside. A precious relationship for everyone involved: for people in the city through opportunities for recreation, for farmers as a place of nature-inclusive agriculture, for everyone by offering space for water storage and safety. We give these parks the care and attention they deserve. We cleverly fit functions and in designing attractive routes we ensure optimal accessibility and encourage people to explore the area. Our ‘Tour Pauwels’, for example, offers visitors to the landscape park the opportunity to explore on a bike the various landscapes and villages.

Framework and course Rottemeren

The Rottemeren Recreation Board has asked our firm to develop a new course for the Rottemeren to serve as the basis for shaping the development vision. Wishes and ideas have been discussed in a series of meetings with the three local authorities involved, Forestry Management, provincial government, the High Dike Board, entrepreneurs, various interest groups and experts. They have joined to formulate ambitions, challenges and spearheads to serve as the basis for the course.

Experience Landscape parks