Green Groningen

Healthy means Green on the way to 2050

Groningen is getting down to making the province green as a strategy to contribute to climate adaptation, biodiversity, more movement and social interaction. Strootman Landschapsarchitecten have drawn up a plan with a strong focus on improving the ecological qualities and boosting greenery in districts where growing healthier as one grows older lags behind the rest of the city.


Gemeente Groningen


Gemeente Groningen


Gemeente Groningen

Surface Area

180 km2

Design Year




We have divided the plan into four instruments with general principles, processual measures and target areas. The Green Plan that we have drawn up for and together with the local authority is an integral plan. It will provide more, better and more accessible green zones and intelligently anticipates the urban development of the coming decade.

There is strong pressure on the countryside. Groningen will expand considerably, but not beyond the borders of village and towns. The high ambition to provide at the same time more and better green zones within the municipal boundary is a major challenge. The Green Plan proposes specific actions. It envisages the creation of 100,000 m2 of public space during each year of the period of the coalition agreement, 30,000 m2 of green zones, and the planting of 1,000 trees a year (some in private gardens).

The plan comprises four instruments for a greener Groningen: a robust green network; attractive and varied green zones; healthy housing, work and shopping areas; and a rural area that is accessible and ready to resist the future. General principles have been drawn up for each instrument and further elaborated in detailed area maps. These serve as guidelines for all current and new (building) projects, such as ‘every park with its own programme’ or ‘more biodiversity in the built-up area’. In the next stage, target areas are designated for each instrument. These are further elaborated and explained in the implementation plan.

A green province is an attractive province, an opportunity that Groningen wants to exploit economically too. The plan earned Groningen a place among the finalists in the 2020 European Capital of Innovation Awards. We advise the local authority to start with both the easiest and the hardest challenge. In this way you harvest the fruit from the lowest boughs to show right away how serious you are and at the same time you also tackle interventions that are important but require a long period of preparation. Projects in the implementation plan vary from low-hanging fruit, such as making school playgrounds greener or restoring the wooded banks in Haren, to making plans such as one for a greener Westerhaven.

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