Our team

Martijn Bakker

Technical designer

Jura Blok

Elena Delrio

Paulien Van Esbroeck

Kim Kool

Joran Lammers

Landscape designer

Perry Maas

Project leader / environmental designer

Evelien de Mey

Associated project leader

Laura Nijmeijer

Landscape designer

Marco Overdevest

Technical designer

Barbara Ruyssenaars

Tessa Schouten

Landscape designer

Shahaf Strickmann

Landscape designer

Berno Strootman

Director / landschape architect

Remco van der Togt

Project leader / landscape architect

Jan Willem van Veelen

Landscape designer

Arjen Venema

Project leader / landscape architect

Petra Versluis

Public relations manager

Martijn Woudstra


Michiel van Zeijl

Project leader / landscape architect

Ask any of our team what motivates them and you will be bound to get the answer: making the Netherlands more beautiful. We all share a love of the beauty of nature, parks and landscapes, the concern that as a society we only too readily fritter away our space, and the ambition that the firm should make a tangible and positive contribution to the development of our towns, cities and countryside.

We form a team in which people can develop, with attention for guidance and scope to work independently and to have a voice of one’s own. We are ambitious and work hard because we care passionately about the profession. At the same time there is also room for relaxation, enjoying a drink together, going on excursions and lunching together.