Tourism vision for North-East Brabant

The foundation Agrifood Capital asked Strootman Landschapsarchitecten for an exploration to enhance the recreational and touristic value of the river and river banks.




Agrifood Capital


Gemeente Oss, Vrijetijdshuis Noord-Brabant, Van Nuland en partners, stichting Maasmeanders

Surface Area

100 km, van Bergen tot Aalburg

Design Year


The 100 km of banks of the River Meuse in North-East Brabant form a fantastic recreational area for boating, cycling, country walks and visits to the old forts and picturesque walled towns. Entrepreneurs and educational institutes in the region recognise the quality of the Meuse and see opportunities. Their foundation Agrifood Capital has commissioned an exploration to enhance the recreational and touristic value of the river and river banks.

The Oss local authority has accepted this commission and carried it out in conjunction with Strootman landscapsarchitecten, North Brabant Leisure House, Van Nuland and partners, and the Meuse Meanders Foundation. The exploration revealed that the recreational value of the Meuse can increase enormously if local authorities, entrepreneurs and other parties on both sides of the river work together. That collaboration between both sides of the Meuse is focused on the river and brings together sixteen local authorities, three provincial authorities and many parties from the leisure industry. The cooperation of entrepreneurs in the Meuse Meanders Foundation is a good example of how a varied range of leisure activities can be offered on both sides of the river.

Paying more attention to the Meuse stimulates recreation and tourism, but also improves the situation of neighbouring villages and towns with regard to housing, work and the environment, thereby promoting the economic development of the rural area bordering on the Meuse.

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